High Performance Power Supplies
  • 4 MOSAIC System
    Modular CIME HPPS
  • 5 High current rectifier
    7V – 6500A
  • 1 Transformers
  • 2 RF Final Amplifier
    Anode Power Supply
  • 3 Cyclotron Power Supply
    Driver Amplifier

In order to improve the quality of our R&D, design and production services JEMA offers a huge range of services including consulting as well as an after-sales service.

Our "Technical Team Services" (TTS) is available for:

- Repair services for all our products,


  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)
  • AC/DC or DC/DC converter modules
  • Systems of our own design (transformer-Rectifiers, DC/DC converters, High performance DC power supplies)


These repairs and associated dynamic tests may be carried out on site or in the workshop, depending on the particular constraints.


- The establishment of maintenance contracts

  • Preventative
  • Corrective
  • Retrofitting or equipment upgrading

- Consulting/Audit by our service engineers

  • Audit, inspection
  • Final supervision and assistance for on-site system activation
  • Training on all our products in our workshops or on site
  • Technical support via telephone or teleconference

- Spare parts needed for repairs

Our multilingual team can answer your questions in French, Dutch, English, German and Spanish



Your concerns are our concerns