High Performance Power Supplies
  • 2 RF Final Amplifier
    Anode Power Supply
  • 4 MOSAIC System
    Modular CIME HPPS
  • 3 Cyclotron Power Supply
    Driver Amplifier
  • 5 High current rectifier
    7V – 6500A
  • 1 Transformers

Modular High Performance DC Power Supplies

Today the rationalization of infrastructure and energy expenditure without compromising performance has become a major issue. From this perspective, JEMA has developed the MOSAIC modular high performance power supply system.



Three base modules: the CIME AIR 10kW module, the CIME H2O 20kW module and the system control module provide a modular solution that performs well and is flexible to power requirements, from a few kW to several hundred kW.


95%: With productivity able to exceed 95%, a mixed cooling system and an excellent power factor, also of 95%, CIME modules minimise the constraints on infrastructure (electrical installations, air conditioning...)


Made-to-measure systems, standard elements: each comprising up to 4 independent insulated outputs. The same modules can attain very different tension/current/power characteristics simply by placing them in series or in parallel, on the same module as well as across modules.

High performance

Optimal control: integrally controlled by DSP, the modules and controller incorporate optimised control algorithms that govern most of the performance factors for the power circuits, both in terms of stability and dynamics.


A quarter of the volume: in relation to a classic product of equal power, the modular approach allows a significant cut in volume of around three quarters - with a major impact on the dimensions of power supply rooms and their climate control systems.


Optimised, user-friendly and interactive: Accessible via a local touch screen as well as through various communication buses, the controller give full access to all working parameters and system diagnostics.


Operational in 15 minutes: The easy replacement of standard modules allows for quick interventions for preventative or corrective maintenance, thus minimising the amount of time for which the machine must be stopped.


Principal technical characteristics:


  • 4 fully insulated and independent 80A, 100V, 5kW max. outputs per module.
  • Free connection of outputs in series and/or parallel on the same module.
  • Free connection of outputs in series and/or parallel across modules.
  • Systems up to 500kW/500V/1000A.
  • Standard 19" (600 x 800 mm) Rack mounting
  • Height 3U, fully accessible and connectible through the front of the rack.
  • Weight: < 30kg
  • Mixed cooling (demineralised water and compressed air)
  • Power up to 20kW (10kW if only air-cooled)
  • Power supply in 3x400V AC (without neutral)
  • Power factor: 95%
  • Internal current regulation: stabilised up to 0.1%
  • External current regulation: stabilised up to 10ppm
  • Fully numeric control
  • Local control via a 7 inch touch screen
  • Distance control via Modbus TCP/Profibus DP/http (other possibilities optional)