High Performance Power Supplies
  • 5 High current rectifier
    7V – 6500A
  • 2 RF Final Amplifier
    Anode Power Supply
  • 3 Cyclotron Power Supply
    Driver Amplifier
  • 1 Transformers
  • 4 MOSAIC System
    Modular CIME HPPS

High Performance DC Power Supplies

Principal applications: Particle accelerators and beam transports

Since the end of the 1970s, JEMA has been strongly involved in the study, development and production of high performance power supplies for particle accelerators. In this field of application, each product is developed individually. These power supplies are often one-off items or are produced in very small series..

Particle acceleration requires numerous electromagnets along the length of the acceleration chain as well as the beam transport. Each magnet requires and electric power supply with very specific tension and current characteristics, depending on its role in the chain. These characteristics go from high tension to high current over a large power range, with very high precision needed for the tension and current values.

JEMA has for several decades developed and produced a wide range of high performance power supplies responding to a large number of these requirements up to a long term stability of 10ppm (or 10-5 or 0.001%).
JEMA high performance power supplies are used all over the world in numerous proton therapy centres, radio-isotope production centres, industrial irradiation/sterilisation sites and even research centres.
As with traditional rectifiers, the electronic architectures used are either rectification using thyristors or medium frequency cut-off.

More information on these principles may be found on our page dedicated to standard DC power supplies

High Voltage power supplies: :


Produced up to 30kVdc and up to 600kW

Power supplies used principally for High frequency power amplifier anodes



High current power supplies:

Produced up to 10,000A and up to 600kW

Power supplies often intended for the main coils of particle accelerators as well as for beam line dipoles.






Multiple power supplies:


Produced up to 600A and up to 600kW

Power supplies intended for the steering magnets and focusing magnets (Quadrupoles) for beam lines







Ion Source power supplies:


Produced up to 6kV and up to 3kW

Power supplies intended to supply the filaments and create the arcs necessary for the production of particles for acceleration




Scanning Magnets power supplies:

Produced up to 700A peak and up to 650V peak

Power supplies intended for steering systems for particle beams allowing scanning of the targets to be irradiated. Their uses are in the treatment of tumours by scanning or in an industrial environment, for the sterilisation of materials or foodstuffs.